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Average roadside assist waiting time

South Africa has some of the highest crime statistics in the world for murder, rape, and hijacking. Most South Africans have protection at home and use alarms, electric fences, and guards to protect them. But, what do you do when you breakdown by yourself out on the road?

On average, normal roadside assistance can take between 70-90 minutes to arrive. Which is a very long time if you are on your own. Once you are a member of 24/7 ASAP, we can guarantee to have an armed guard by your side in under 30 minutes. They will wait with you until your roadside assistance arrives and we will stay in constant contact with you, so that you will never be on your own.

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TrackGuard has one of the largest mobile armed security networks in South Africa. We have over 140 reaction units, consisting of 300 highly trained TrackGuards, in over 106 towns and cities throughout South Africa.

We are of the opinion we cover circa 90% of the populated areas in South Africa and we can proudly stand behind our service delivery to our members. This map shows the TrackGuard Hotspots* – however, our TrackGuards are not limited to these areas.

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Track Guard has over 300 guards stationed at over 106 locations nationwide


*Map locations are for guidance only – they may not be 100% accurate. Please refer to T&C’s for full coverage.