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Road Cover


24/7 ASAP has utilsied the services of our reputable partner, Road Cover to provide a high level of service for our members in respect of claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF)

What Is The Road Accident Fund (RAF)

The RAF is a public entity, which has been set up by the government of South Africa. The RAF provides compulsory cover to all users of South African roads, resident or foreigner, against injuries sustained or death arising from accidents involving motor vehicles within the borders of South Africa

This cover is in the form of indemnity insurance to persons who cause the accident, as well as personal injury and death insurance to victims of motor vehicle accidents and their families.

What does Road Cover Provide

  • Injured victims are faced with huge challenges when processing a claim with the RAF, at a time when they can ill afford additional stress.
  • The RAF claims process can be extremely costly, time consuming and complicated. Road Cover will assist you in processing your claim with the RAF by making the procedure as convenient as possible.
  • Road Cover is a service that manages your claim with the RAF from start to finish.
  • There is no additional charge.
  • Road Cover offers its member’s full compensation by the RAF should they be involved in a road accident, at NO cost to themselves.

How Can I Access The Service

If you are a 24/7 ASAP premium member (If you are not a premium member you will not have access to the service) you will automatically be allowed access to the Road cover service. Pressing your panic button on your cell phone (*120*880*725444#) or by pressing our 24/7 APP on your smartphone, will send an alert to our 24/7 365 day call centre. The call centre will call you back and after confirming your details and will transfer you to Road Cover to assist your claim. Road Cover are open Monday Friday 9am-5pm.

Who Is Entitled To Claim

  • Any individual that has been injured as a result of a negligent driver.
  • The dependent of a deceased victim
  • A close relative of the deceased in respect of funeral expenses
  • A claimant under the age of 18 who must be assisted by a parent or legal guardian

What Can I Claim For

  • Past and future hospital and medical expenses.
  • Past and future loss of income or earnings.
  • Past and future loss of support for the dependent of a deceased or disabled victim.
  • General damages for pain, suffering and disfigurement in the case of bodily injury.
  • Necessary funeral expense.

Limitations Of The Service

  • RoadCover will limit its services where the assessor does not substantiate the merits of the case. If this is in conflict with the view of the client or there is a material conflict between the client’s assessment and the assessors, the case will be referred to the RoadCover advisory panel for review.
  • Any costs incurred from a client, being approached by an outside party without the written consent of RoadCover, will not be for RoadCover’s account.
  • The member is at all times free to get outside second opinions but the cost of these will not be borne by RoadCover unless approved in writing.
  • The client is not obliged to use the services of RoadCover, in the event of which RoadCover will not be liable for any costs incurred by these third parties.
  •  RoadCover is only applicable to accidents that occur within the RSA.
  • The membership must be fully paid up at the time of the accident.
  • At the time of the accident the client must comply with all the legal and regulatory matters required by the Acts governing the Road Accident Fund.
  • RoadCover does not guarantee a payment from the RAF

*Please read the general 24/7 ASAP terms and conditions in conjunction with the specific Road Cover conditions. This can be accessed at or please call to request a hardcopy of the Terms & conditions on 031 582 8366 to be sent to your address.