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HIV Prevention & Trauma Counselling

Accessing the service

All 24/7 ASAP TrackGuard Premium Members are able to access the following services below. (If you are not a premium member you will not have access to the service) Pressing your panic button on your cell phone (*120*880*725444#) or pressing our 24/7 APP on your smartphone, will send an alert to our 24/7 365 day call centre. The call centre will call you back and after confirming your details and will transfer you to our specialists who will be able to assist you.

Details of the service

HIV Prevention

In the event of exposure to HIV through a trauma or assault the member can access the following:

  •  24 hour telephonic HIV advice and counselling line
  • Emergency evacuation to HIV treatment facility(ER24 Only)
  • Medical consultation
  • 3 day starter pack
  • 25 day antiretroviral HIV treatment including sexually transmitted disease therapy
  • Pathology tests

Trauma Counselling Bennefit

In the event that a 24/7 ASAP TrackGuard Premium member is involved in a traumatic event or is witness to a traumatic event the member will have access to:

  • Unlimited telephonic counselling
  • Referral to a qualified counsellor
  • Face to face counselling with a qualified counsellor limited to a R3000 per annum

*Please read the general 24/7 ASAP terms and conditions in conjunction with the specific HIV Prevention & Trauma Counselling conditions. This can be accessed at or please call to request a hardcopy of the Terms & conditions on 031 582 8366 to be sent to your address.

The HIV prevention & Trauma Counselling service are not provided by 24/7 ASAP and is subcontracted to one of our reputable Service providers. Therefore 24/7 ASAP does not accept any liability for loss, financial compensation, damage or unsatisfactory advice, failure of the service or any claim of whatsoever nature in respect of the service.