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Goods In Transit

Roadside security solutions for your fleet.


Did you know

There is a 10% increase in truck hijackings and robberies each year.

Did you know

A massive 50% of all tuck hijackings and robberies happen in Gauteng area.

Did you know

Stolen vehicle recovery companies can only react AFTER the hijacking or robbery.

We are facing an industry collapse

The Good in transit (GIT) industry continues to be affected by security threats resulting in billions of rand in claims for insurers in 2016, in addition to serious disruption and loss of revenue for GIT companies.

This security issue will not go away and until now there has not been a preventative measure to reduce risk of robbery, hijacking and damage to the vehicle in the event of a roadside breakdown or accident, where you are exposed to these threats occurring. Tracking companies will only assist if the vehicle has already been hijacked and by then it can be too late to recover contents and there may already be damage to the vehicle.

24/7 Nationwide Roadside Security

24/7 ASAP has developed a nationwide roadside security service which is not only highly cost effective, but will significantly reduce the exposure of these dangers from occurring. This in turn can potentially save hundreds of millions of rand in lost revenue, claims and disruption for insurers, brokers and GIT companies.

We Will Protect Your Fleet

Access to the largest mobile armed roadside security network in SA. Circa 148 Reaction units based in 106 locations across South Africa. See detailed map here.

Reaction unit to come and protect driver, vehicle and contents during a roadside accident or breakdown anywhere in SA.

Average call out time under 30 minutes across SA and under 24 minutes in urban areas.

24hr crisis centre to manage full claim and dispatch reaction unit in seconds.

Location enablement via cell phone or panic application so we know exactly where you are.

All reaction units are ex-SAPS or are ex-military and are Psira registered. The reaction units are armed and experienced in dealing with the serious threat of hijacking and robbery.

24hr helicopter support.

Unlimited call outs (subject to conditions of use).

Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting 24/7

We have a whole department dedicated to protection you and your business. If you would like to speak to someone, please call 031 582 8366. Alternatively you can email us here.

Do you offer tailor made memberships

We are working with a number of insurers, brokers and fleet companies in structuring bespoke packages to cater for their needs and protect their assets. Contact us now to tailor a suitable package for your clients or company. We can have you protected within 24 hours.

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