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24/7 ASAP is a unique personal security service which has been designed to protect and assist you during a roadside breakdown or accident

We have one of the largest roadside armed guard networks in South Africa with 182 highly trained armed guards covering 64 towns, suburbs and cities across South Africa.

Swift armed response is a key factor in the case of preventing oneself from becoming a victim of crime. Within 30 minutes, our trained and armed Trackguards will be by your side to protect you and your family. From a simple dial of our emergency USSD number on your cell phone, we will track your cell phone position and dispatch our Trackguards to your location. Our 24hour/365 day call centre calls you back to deploy the TrackGuard and will also co-ordinate other services you may need such as roadside assistance and emergency services.

Why you need this service

Whilst we all love our country, sadly South Africa has some of the highest crime statistics in the world for murder, rape, and hijacking. Most South Africans have protection at home and use alarms, electric fences, and guards to protect them. However, what do you do when you breakdown by yourself or with your loved ones? With an ever increasing amount of roadside and breakdown attacks taking place, it is important that we all have personal protection. On average, your roadside assistance can take between 70-90 minutes to arrive! The solution is TrackGuard. We will provide armed protection direct to your location in under 30 minutes*